14 Egyptian Quotes

Our ancient wisdom that was carved into stone. When applied makes everyone better!

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  1. Teaching

Love is one thing, knowledge is another.

For every joy, there is a price to be paid.

The only thing that is humiliating is helplessness.

If his heart rules him, his conscience will soon take the place of the rod.

Exuberance is a good stimulus towards action,

but the inner light grows in silence and concentration.

To know means to record in one’s memory;

but to understand means to blend with the thing and to assimilate it oneself.

The man who knows how to lead one of his brothers towards what he has known

may one day be saved by that very brother.

True teaching is not an accumulation of knowledge;

it is an awakening of consciousness which goes through successive stages.

~ M Khoury

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2. Sages

The proverb is from aldokkan

3. The Contented mind

A contented mind is a hidden treasure, and trouble findeth it not.

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4. Love

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5. Craftsmen I

The Maxims of Ptahhotep or Instruction of Ptahhotep is an ancient Egyptian literary composition based on the Vizier Ptahhotep’s wisdom and experiences. The Instructions were composed by the Vizier Ptahhotep, during the rule of King Izezi of the Fifth Dynasty.[1] The text was discovered in Thebes in 1847 by Egyptologist M. Prisse d’Avennes.[2] The Instructions of Ptahhotep are called wisdom literature, specifically under the genre of Instructions that teach something.[3]There are four copies of the Instructions, and the only complete version, Papyrus Prisse, is located in the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris.[4] According to William Kelly Simpson, some scholars debate that the Instructions of Ptahhotep were written during the twelfth dynasty, Middle Kingdom. The earlier copies of the text were altered to make them understandable for the Egyptians of the New Kingdom.[4] It is not only directed for the Old Kingdom thought and morality, it is beneficial for anyone that reads it. The text presents a very good picture of the general attitudes of that period.[4] The Instructions of Ptahhotep addresses various virtues that are necessary to live a good life and how to live accordingly to Maat, which was an important part of the Egyptian culture.

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6. Craftsmen II

collection of —Ancient Egyptian Proverbs and Wisdom Teachings -How to live according to MAAT Philosophy. Beginning Meditation. All proverbs are indexed for easy searches. For the first time in one volume, ——Ancient Egyptian Proverbs, wisdom teachings and meditations, fully illustrated with hieroglyphic text and symbols. EGYPTIAN PROVERBS is a unique collection of knowledge …more
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7. Inner Bonds

8. Nature

9. Truth

10. Love II

11. Knowledge

12. Harmony

13. Within Yourself


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