14 Images of Cleopatra

Julius Caser’s play-thing.

  1. Cleopatra and Caesar

Cleopatra and Caesar

History and Shakespeare have recounted ad nauseum the sordid love affair between Caesar and Cleopatra; however, his unexpected assassination forced her to seek help in safeguarding her throne. She chose incorrectly; Anthony was not the one. His arrogance had brought the ire of Rome. Anthony believed Alexandria to be another Rome, even choosing to be buried there next to Cleopatra. Octavian rallied the citizens and Senate against Antony, and when he landed in Egypt, the young commander became the master of the entire Roman army. His victory over Antony and Cleopatra awarded Rome with the richest kingdom along the Mediterranean Sea. His future was guaranteed. The country’s overflowing granaries were now the property of Rome; it became the ‘breadbasket’ of the empire, the ‘jewel of the empire’s crown.’ However, according to one historian, Octavian believed that Egypt was now his own private kingdom, he was the heir of the Ptolemaic dynasty, a pharaoh. Senators were even prohibited from visiting Egypt without permission.

image from: ancient.eu

2. Drawing of Cleopatra

Cleopatra Last Pharaoh of Egypt...

The last of ancient Egypt’s pharaohs Cleopatra VII- was born in the country’s capital, Alexandria in 69 B.C. Nothing specific is known about her life before she entered into a power struggle for the Egyptian throne at age nineteen or twenty ( in 49 B. C.). However, it is possible to reconstruct the political situation, family background, structure, and physical and cultural settings of the era of her youth. These elements provide key clues to the people, city, palace, lifestyle, political, and family problems that she knew as a child.

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3. Statue of Cleopatra VII at the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum.

RC 1582 Statue of Cleopatra VII at the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum.

One of the most well-known people in history, Cleopatra VII was the last pharaoh of Egypt. She was a Macedonian Greek who ruled Egypt for nearly three decades. Known for her intelligence, she was her father’s favorite. She gained the throne at age eighteen and was intended to rule alongside her ten-year-old brother, Ptolemy, as co-regent. Soon thereafter, advisors in the royal palace conspired against Cleopatra and she was forced to flee to Syria. She secretly asked Julius Caesar (100-44 BCE), the Roman general and politician, for help when he was in Alexandria searching for Pompey.
Image From: Egyptian museum 
4. Carving of Cleopatra
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