5 Quotes by Cyrus the Great

The fragility of people is a great strength and weakness.

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  1. Success

Art - Cyrus the Great Legacy

Your friends, and family, and strangers will want to be around you more if you show kindness, generosity, and justice. Your greed will take from those who can not give in having success.

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2.  Delectrationg of human rights


It’s no shock that because of his practices and tolerance,  Cyrus was revered by different peoples of different nations throughout the land.

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3. Fragility

Cyrus the Great - "All men have their frailties; and whoever looks for a friend without imperfections,...". humor, life, philosophy, love, frienship

Your weakness is your own, but you look for others who are perfect. Your success will be limited if you look for people who are perfect.

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4. Do not bend to anyone

this is a powerful phrase and not one that should be thrown around gently. You will upset those who wish you to kneel, but you recant.

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5. Death

Live a good life, even if you are not recognized for it now, in the great human experience it will have made a positive outcome. It’s a wonderful life, is a good movie to watch.

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